Foot Massage Oil, Peppermint
Volume : 5.6 fl.oz.
This massage oil works wonders for reenergizing and moisturizing your tired feet, especially after jogging or shopping.
Foot Cream, Peppermint
Volume : 4.7 fl.oz.
Blended with all natural essential oils, this non-greasy formula gently nourishes your feet with moisture and softness.
Foot Spray, Peppermint
Volume : 5.6 fl.oz.
A splash of this refreshing spray relaxes your feet instantaneously and leaves you with the refreshing coolness of Peppermint oil.
Foot Scrub, Peppermint
Volume : 4.7 fl.oz.

This exfoliating scrub removes calluses and dead skin effectively and let its botanical extracts stimulate your blood circulation.
Foot Soak, Peppermint
Weight : 200g.
Containing plant extracts, this unique soak relieves tension and relaxes with a refreshing scent of peppermint.


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