Body Wash, Oriental Wood
Volume : 7.5 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This deep-action wash effectively removes all dirt from your body and gently moisturizes your skin with its plant extracts.
Body Lotion, Oriental Wood
Volume : 7.5 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This body lotion is infused with pure plant extracts and essential oil that help to calm and soothe skin, leaving the skin hydrated without feeling greasy.
Facial Wash, Oriental Wood
Volume : 5.6 fl.oz.
With Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts in this facial wash, your skin will become softer, smoother and a joy to feel and touch.


After Shave Cream, Oriental Wood
Volume : 1.7 fl.oz.
Formulated with aloe and cucumber extracts, this moisturizer will soothe skin irritation as well as dryness on shaven areas.
Shaving Cream,
Oriental Wood

Volume : 1.7 fl.oz.

This shaving cream allows ease of shaving by ensuring a smooth razor glide. Its aloe and cucumber extracts will also soothe and lessen discomfort caused by shaving.
Shower Scrub, Oriental Wood
Volume :7.5 fl.oz.
The ultimate deep-cleansing scrub with aloe and cucumber extract, removes dead cells while moisturizing your skin, keeping it clean and refreshed.
Facial Cream, Oriental Wood
Volume : 3.0 fl.oz.
Daily use of this face cream enriched with natural extracts will improve your fatigued skin, revealing fresher-looking skin with firmer texture.


Conditioning Shampoo, Oriental Wood
Volume : 7.5 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This shampoo contains pure plant essences for cleansing and conditioning, giving a wonderful scent, excellent body and control to the hair. It is ideal for all hair types.


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