Body Oil, Sweet Dream
Volume : 3.6 fl.oz.
Enriched with vitamin E from rice bran oil, this body oil provides extra soothing relief, sealing in moisture, especially after a bath.
Sugar Scrub, Sweet Dream
Weight : 220g.
Treat your body to this gentle exfoliating scrub and your skin will be rewarded with a pure, fresh glow from head to toe.
Body Lotion, Sweet Dream
Volume : 7.5 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This lotion locks in the needed moisture to nourish dehydrated skin with its fortified essential-oil blend.


Body Cream, Sweet Dream
Volume : 5.7 fl.oz.
This cream contains a blend of natural plant extracts and oils, nurturing and harmonizing dry skin that needs extra care.
Body Scrub, Sweet Dream
Volume : 7.8 fl.oz.

This formula works well on all types of skin impurities and pampers the skin with essential nutrients that restore moisture and luster.
Massage Oil, Sweet Dream
Volume : 5.6 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This oil, with natural plant ingredients, helps balance your body energy and works well as a skin conditioner.
Body Wash, Sweet Dream
Volume : 7.5 fl.oz. | 2.2 fl.oz.
This mild cleanser leaves your dehydrated skin in well-balanced condition, while relieving stress.


Body Mist, Sweet Dream
Volume : 5.6 fl.oz.
Containing natural anti-oxidants from botanical extracts, this alcohol-free, refreshing mist provides cool, soothing relief for dry skin.
Bath Salt, Sweet Dream
Weight : 200g. | 75g.
Containing a mixture of natural herbs and oil, this bath salt soothes tired muscles and calms wearied minds with its properties.
Bubble Bath, Sweet Dream
Volume : 220ml. | 7.5 fl.oz.
Ease away your daily stress with this emollient bubble bath. Its properties will make you feel calm and refreshed again.


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